About Us

AZOR LIFESTYLE is the trademark brand (TM), under the company name SHAIL INDIA

Azor Lifestyle is a line of clothing and lifestyle brand for all the women. At Azor Lifestyle, we believe that a good fabric is the soul of creativity in any fashion brand. So we aim to create a brand built solely on quality and trust, where our commitment, customer trust and satisfaction is our supreme priority. At Azor Lifestyle, we create attires for all women that too with diverse styling to cater the need of ever changing fashion industry.

Azor Lifestyle is an effort to bring the latest trends and colour on board across the globe at affordable price for all those who love to trend, dress, style and shine.

And as it is rightly said "Anything and everything made with love and care is always beautiful" and so is the fashion at Azor Lifestyle!!

So join us in the journey of fashion, colour and love for style and comfort!!!

“We believe all women are special and Azor Lifestyle tries to make them feel so”.