Meet the Team

AZOR LIFESTYLE is the trademark brand (TM), under the company name SHAIL INDIA and is jointly owned by:

Kiran Singh

An IT software professional and crazy lover of movies, songs, shopping, fashion and style.


Swati Singh

An MBA, a Film producer and a devoted follower of fashion and trends.


Our designers, manufacturers and all those who have been part of this, since DAY 1.

 So.... the journey began with the sole madness of Us, being shopaholic. We often used to think about, what if, we had our own store to shop, with all freedom and convenience. NO RULES. JUST SHOPPING. And then we came across number of people who thought alike, specially WOMEN. We, Women love shopping!!!!! More the options, More the shopping, More the KHUSHI....

Yes, its quite difficult to explain the emotional state while shopping, but trust Us, it gives some amazing, satisfactory and positive vitality.

And so, we came up with the idea of AZOR LIFESTYLE, wherein, you can shop all your favorite attires, from one single place. Also, one of the major concern we faced, being ourselves the crazy shoppers, was the FABRIC, which somehow were not up to the mark, when we shopped.

Hence, presenting you the store, wherein, the FABRIC is taken much care of as WE believe, FABRIC is the soul of STYLE. It adds to our shopping wali KHUSHI and of course the LOVE, with which we wear the same.

Looking forward, for YOU, to be part of our amazing JOURNEY. Wo kehte hain na "EK se Bhale Do".

YOU and WE, and a journey worth looking for.